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has started painting since 1973. He made 50 solo exhibitions in major cities of Quebec and Ontario. He has exhibited in France (Paris and Angoulème) Switzerland, and 3 times in Belgium.

August 31, 2010


The Jean-Paul Lapointe International Symposium 2009, presented from June 19 to 21, in Saguenay (Chicoutimi), was unforgettable. Thousands of visitors have enjoyed the quality of painting and sculpture works, made by a variety of professional artists from various countries.

The performers and public audience were deeply affected by seeing the booth that featured the production of the late Jean-Paul Lapointe.

For the next edition of June 2011, the records must be received no later than December 31, 2010. The artists who presented exhibitions overseas and / or are represented in galleries outside Quebec will receive a great consideration. We must send a CD identified by postmail (no file accepted by email) with artistic CV including recent artistic profil, awards, associations and five photos of works in horizontal and vertical sizes (1,000 pixel resolution in which direction ) // add a list with details like title, medium, support, size, creation year, customer price in $CAD / a biographical summary of 250 words with the website and a personal photo showing your face clearly ( 300 DPI, 3 x 5 inches).

Symposium International Jean-Paul LAPOINTE 2011
Comité de Sélection, a/s Mme Rina Lapointe
252 rue Comtois, Saguenay (Chicoutimi) (QC), CANADA, G7G 3Y2
Phone : (+418) 698-4600
Webmail : jean-paul.lapointe@hotmail.com

Symposium website : http://symposiuminternational-jplapointe.com

Jean-Paul website : http://jeanpaul-lapointe.com

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May 13, 2009

Most major event, which received more than 25,000 visitors in 2007, which featured more than 40 painters and sculptors professionals nationally and internationally recognized, in Quebec, other Canadian provinces, and foreign artists.

France, Italy, Greece, the United States, the Dominican Republic, Switzerland, Belgium (...) were represented in 2007. Each artists have a booth and work in front of the public, by explaining their creation steps. There are many exchanges between artists, to enrich their talent and culture.

Presented in 2007 in the "Hangar du Vieux Port de Saguenay" (Chicoutimi), This major event was a huge artistic creativity workshop. Then, the public got the privilege to meet the artists who show their expertise in the morning until evening. Des activités diverses sont aussi présentées, comme des démonstrations, des activités pédagogiques avec des jeunes.

The International Symposium Challengewill "International Symposium JEAN-PAUL LAPOINTE", in tribute to the artist.

Symposium Website : http://symposiuminternational-jplapointe.com

June 27, 2007

Christiane Laforge : "In September 2006, gaves me one of the most moving interviews in my career. We talked about her death, her fear and her suffering. The report was published in the magazine called "Progrès-Dimanche" of September 17, 2006. I couldn't take my distance to this confidence, because beyond the journalist there was the troubled friend. Published in the Chronicle "Art-Édito", this letter ..."

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January 14, 2007

The luminous painter has finished the canvas of his life.

Now, we'll raise the eyes to heaven to see him play with the stars.
At 6:00am of January 14, 2007, the painter died.

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March 10, 2006

In 1990, Jacques Roussan, the editor, has published a bilingual book about the works of , entitled, "Jeux de lumière et de rêve", which won the price of the Most Beautiful Book of the Year to the event named "Salon Du Livre" in 1991.

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1935 - 2007

Figurative Painter from Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, treated the landscape with infinite spirit and with surprising freedom. He mixed colors and light on a specific design, keeping in constant contact with nature.

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